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About Us

SUNRAYSIA THERAPEUTIC CENTRE is a well established massage centre started since January 2017. We are located in the middle of Mildura City in line with a lot of health practice business. 

Our founder, Mr Kenny Fong always passionate to provide high quality and professional health practice to customers. Mr Kenny Fong and his team of therapists at Sunraysia Therapeutic Centre have the expertise, professional  knowledge to help you along the way. Sunraysia Therapeutic Centre also provides a wide range of effective health care products in order to help the customers. 

Why do we offer massage service?

Rejuvenating and therapeutic, massage calms and quiets, invigorates and stimulates and supports your systems for YOUR optimum empowerment.

As an integral part of many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy has proven beneficial to many chronic conditions. Enjoy the numerous benefits of massage including the alleviation of pain and stress relief. We also provide cosy private room for couples or family, for you and your loved ones are able to enjoying the massage at the same time.

Our Aim:

To provide the best experience for your specific needs.